1个问答2018-12-29 18:55:58
回答: black blacktie
2个问答2019-01-08 11:58:47
Tuxedo Mask 夜礼服假面 Chiba Mamoru(地场卫) Sailor Moon 水手月亮 Tsukino Usagi 月野兔
1个问答2019-01-09 00:19:05
礼服 formal dress 西方传统的礼服有:   晨礼服(Morning coat or Cutaway)   小礼服:也称晚餐礼服或便礼服(Tuxedo, Smoking dinner jacket or Black Tie)   大礼服(或称燕尾服)(Full evening dress or Tail coat) 大礼服(燕尾服): Full evening dress (也叫夜礼服)(女式) Morning coat(女式) Tail coat(男式) 小礼服: Dress(女式) Tuxedo(男式) 常礼服: Frock coat(女式) Cocktail dress(女式) Dress Uniform(男式) Service Uniform(男式) Morning dress(女式)
3个问答2018-12-27 01:14:44
In fact , "white dress" is enough , night dress means "晚礼服"
7个问答2019-01-13 17:50:03
Black Tailcoat 黑礼服
2个问答2019-01-02 10:33:21
tailcoat, morning coat 大礼服 evening dress 夜礼服 dress coat, tails 燕尾服,礼服 nightshirt 男式晚礼服 dinner jacket 无尾礼服 (美作:tuxedo) frock coat 双排扣长礼服 至于黑礼服,一般情况下TUXEDO都为黑色,当然DINNER JACKET 也是拉.
2个问答2019-01-01 09:20:59
翻译过来是 The skirt of dress
2个问答2018-12-26 00:54:57
轻礼服 地道的英文如何说
1个问答2019-01-15 13:14:27
所谓轻礼服,就是轻便礼服,也就是小礼服或短礼服。 一般的大礼服,如男士的燕尾服,或者: Full evening dress (也叫夜礼服)(女式) Morning coat(女式) Tail coat(男式) 一般小礼服可以说: Dress(女式)不是full dress,或demitoile Tuxedo(男式) Black Tie或 Dinner jacket 相比之下,常礼服的说法比较多一些: Frock coat(女式) Cocktail dress(女式) Dress Uniform(男式) Service Uniform(男式) Morning dress(女式)
2个问答2018-12-14 09:59:33
Sophia Wedding 个人感觉不用逐字逐句的去翻译,那样会冗长繁琐,不够言简意赅 另外字数少广告也能作做的大点更醒目 字数多想再大也没空间 呵呵
求助在线翻译英文 “梦霓裳婚纱礼服馆”
6个问答2019-01-09 07:20:47
Mengnishang Dream neon wedding gowns
4个问答2019-01-03 21:36:36
查了一些资料,你自己选择吧 ----- formal dress 礼服 tailcoat, morning coat 大礼服 evening dress 夜礼服 dress coat, tails 燕尾服,礼服 nightshirt 男式晚礼服
1个问答2019-01-03 00:19:19
婚纱 a bridal veil wedding-clothes wedding dress 都可以 晚礼服 evening dress; a dinner suit; (for men) a dinner-jacket or tuxedo (for men)
5个问答2019-02-18 16:44:56
Amour Wedding Dress Studio
【急】二十七件礼服的秘密 求英文介绍
1个问答2019-01-07 14:25:38
She is a "professional bridesmaid" have been close friends and relatives to participate in large and small, form the 27 different wedding, but she has no way to get their own well-being ... ... the real Jane is the promotion of assistant, As she pretty smart, hard-working work hard, have been deeply appreciated by her boss George. In fact, apart from the chief, Jane, there is a "hobby" may beplicated due to her wedding arrangements and the steps hundreds of times before, all who knew her in person, regardless of familiar and unfamiliar, and they will invite her as their own wedding bridesmaids, Help RBI everything.(她是一位“职业伴娘”,已经参加过身边亲朋好友大大小小、形式各异的27场婚礼了,可是她却始终没有办法得到属于自己的幸福……简真正的工作是宣传助理,由于她聪明漂亮、勤劳肯干,一直都深受她的老板乔治的赏识。其实除了正职,简还有一个“业余爱好”,可能是源于她对婚礼繁杂的安排与步骤的轻车熟路,所有认识她的人,不管熟与不熟的,都会邀请她当自己婚礼的伴娘,帮助打点一切。 ) It is evident from Jane's life is really like that from a variety of lovelybination the wedding, and she even still own a small apartment in New York, holds each of a closet in her bridesmaids who wore clothes ... so simple ... of life, will always be weddings, wedding, or wedding, even to eat, sleep, and even the air we breathe in, all filled with the fragrance of the wedding. Jane came to this earth the task, it seems is to use his own watch, the sake of the happiness of others: In fact, Jane has been quietly in love with her boss George, who, Hungary, she also imagined that one day be able to wear their own special wedding. However, because George is too slow already, plus a brief shy personality, this Peach distance run, obstinately maintained for a few years time. (如此看来,简的生命其实就是由各种不同的可爱婚礼组合而成的,她甚至还在自己位于纽约的小公寓的壁橱中保存着每一件她曾经穿过的伴娘服……所以简的生活里,永远都是婚礼、婚礼,还是婚礼,就连吃饭、睡觉,甚至是呼吸的空气中,都弥漫着婚礼的清香。简来到这个世间的任务,似乎就是要用自己的守望,去成全别人的幸福:其实简一直默默地爱着她的那位匈牙利老板乔治,她也幻想着有一天能够穿上专属于自己的婚纱。然而由于乔治本来就过于迟钝,再加上简害羞的性格,这场暗恋长跑,硬是维持了几年的时间。) When Jane's sister, after a surprise visit to Thai silk, Jane's life ispletely towards the brink of collapse. Thai silk is a supermodel, beautiful and lively, almost at the twinkling of an eye, she was in New York to find a date object, the two immediately fall in love, and over-heated in a few weeks on the intended engagement, while the Thai silk fiance, that is, Jane has always been the heart of the - George. Jane had never thought of themselves actually have to face such a dilemma one day, her 28th when the maid of honor, the other side turned out to be beloved and her own sister, Jane, although the coolies supporting the overall situation, it is also feeling out of control several times.(当简的妹妹泰丝突然造访之后,简的生活就彻底地走向了崩溃的边缘。泰丝是一个超级名模,美丽而活泼,几乎在转瞬之间,她就在纽约另觅到一个约会对象,两人随即堕入爱河,并头脑发热的在几个星期之内就打算订婚,而泰丝的未婚夫,就是简一直以来的心之所向--乔治。简从来没有想过,自己竟然也有面对如此窘境的一天,她第28次当伴娘,对方竟然是心爱的人和自己的亲生妹妹,简虽然苦力支撑大局,却也是几次情绪失控。) The emergence of Kevin's column, it just makes life more simple just a mess. Kevin is write a column for his wedding on the seen and heard, when he met Jane at a wedding shortly after being found her going through everything, will be the best material for his column. May, unfortunately, Kevin cynical war of words took place several times, Jane, have been causing bad terms ... ... two quarrelsome lovers, there is still not realize that the person standing opposite, it is possible that you hand in hand people who spend a lifetime. (而专栏记者凯文的出现,也只是让简的生活变得更加一团糟而已。凯文正在为他的专栏写一些婚典上的见闻,当他在一次婚礼上遇见简之后,随即发现她经历的一切,将会是他的专栏最好的素材。可不幸的是,愤世嫉俗的凯文几次与简发生唇枪舌战,都闹得不欢而散……两个欢喜冤家,似乎仍然没有意识到,站在对面的那个人,有可能就是你携手共度一生的人。) 只不过是谷歌翻译弄的,有什么累的啊(#`′)凸
1个问答2018-12-29 20:40:19
1个问答2018-12-18 15:19:53
Dress shop
5个问答2019-02-23 06:12:41
Amour Wedding Dress Studio
3个问答2018-12-12 11:53:11
女用晚礼服: night gown 婚纱:wedding gown , wedding dress
5个问答2018-12-31 09:42:13
Amour Wedding Dress Studio



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